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Geo-location targeting improves effectiveness of festival marketing.


Delivering relevant, targeted messaging to her festival audiences is just one of the everyday challenges of professional events marketer Stevie Gedge of Bestival.

The Bestival experience

Bestival Set in a leafy country park on the Isle of Wight, Bestival is an award winning 4-day music and entertainments festival.

The Bestival experience incorporates an eclectic mix of music, theatre, food and fancy dress, and attracts A-list acts like Nile Rogers, Paloma Faith and Beck. Seen in the eyes of many as the official end to the festival season, Bestival has shown that it is possible to achieve a ‘boutique’ feel festival on a grand scale.

Bestival, and its sister event Camp Bestival, are part of the Sunday Best independent record and events organisation and are partnered with the Get Involved Ltd entertainments group.

As PR and Social Media Coordinator, Stevie Gedge is responsible for overall awareness and ongoing engagement with the 50,000 strong Bestival audience.

Marketing challenges

Stevie explains her most pressing marketing challenges:

“Our main marketing needs are to raise awareness of Bestival, to maintain a high level of engagement with our followers, and to ensure that our audience knows all of the latest pre-event news.”

Stevie first started with back in 2007 and has been a self-service user of the platform ever since. Focussing primarily on email marketing Stevie and her team use the pre-built email templates to create Bestival’s uniquely styled news and promotional campaigns. Her emails typically include large, bold images, and highly engaging content including a variety of video and online links.

With an established subscriber database and a regular delivery of over 200,000 email messages each month, data management is one of the key challenges which Stevie faces.

“We use our mailing list a lot – so managing our subscribers is a very important component in our ability to effectively communicate with our audience. We manage our campaign data directly in the platform and the easy to use list management is one of my favourite features. It’s a great way of hosting different lists in an organised way, and we can deal with sending out to large numbers of people.”

Precision Marketing keeps it relevant

Stevie’s top tip for email marketing is to “keep it relevant”, and with this in mind she has recently started using’s precision marketing tools to profile her audience and more accurately target her campaigns. The ‘audience’ features enables the profiling and dynamic segmentation of subscribers according to five different profiling dimensions. Stevie uses the geo-location dimension to segment her subscribers according to their postcode or IP address coordinates. This location insight is then used to target relevant messaging to subscribers inside her primary catchment areas.

“Audience segmentation is becoming an increasingly important consideration in our marketing strategy and is another of my favourite features. The geo-location targeting option has enabled us to create and deliver our party promotions more accurately to the correct audience. This has added a new level of relevance to our messages and has resulted in a large increase in our email open rates.”

Stevie summarises her journey with

“Using has helped me resolve a number of marketing issues including designing custom opt-in emails and more. It’s been a very valuable tool in the growth of Bestival, and we would recommend using it to anyone. We particularly like the list manager, audience segmentation, and the ability to enable multiple users, but my best recommendation is simply on how easy it is to use.”