123-reg – the UK’s largest web domain registrar

The technology behind 123-Reg Email Marketing


123-reg Email Marketing is the result of a close collaborative partnership and deep integration of technology from Sign-Up.to.

123-reg is the UK’s largest provider of domain names, with over 3 million domains and 1.7 million hosted websites. From domains, through web design and hosting, to PPC and SEO services 123-reg provides a one-stop shop of products and services for businesses looking to get established and grow online. Their solution philosophy is simple: to provide high quality online marketing solutions for the many, not just the few. Accordingly, 123-reg’s products are designed for all levels of technical ability, from web savvy to complete novice.

It’s a fast moving and highly competitive environment, and bringing new, innovative solutions rapidly from concept to full market readiness is a key challenge.

Email marketing123-reg Email Marketing is the latest addition to the suite of hosted marketing solutions offered by 123-reg to its customers. 123-reg Email Marketing is delivered as a fully hosted self-service platform together with direct first level customer support and additional added value services. For customers who have already registered their domain and set up their website with 123-reg, email marketing from the same provider is a natural next step in their online journey. For 123-reg it’s an ideal opportunity to create recurring revenue through additional products and services and to further strengthen their customer relationship and loyalty.

123-reg’s email marketing solution is the result of a close collaborative partnership and a uniquely customised implementation of technology and processes developed by email marketing services provider Sign-Up.to.

Partner solutions

Sign-Up.to has been developing email marketing solutions for over 12 years, delivering both a self-service platform and a range of professional managed services. As a technology and a business it’s established and proven and is used every day by thousands of professional marketers worldwide.

In addition to commercial engagements with end-users, Sign-Up.to offers a range of partner solutions. Partner engagements include white-label options for marketing agencies, co-development with technical integrators and, through the Premier Reseller partnership, bespoke solutions created from a full embedding of the Sign-Up.to technology.

White-labeling is a common approach which allows marketing agencies to create own-brand customer offerings using third party technology. However, for 123-reg, with a significantly larger scale and bespoke email marketing requirement, a more in-depth level of integration was needed. Sign-Up.to’s Premier Reseller partnership is specifically designed for organisations looking to deeply incorporate Sign-Up.to, both as a software component and a business process, into in their own SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. By nature it’s a close collaboration and it’s designed to scale to the largest of needs.

A bespoke technology implementation

Working closely with 123-reg’s sales, technical and marketing management, Sign-Up.to designed a bespoke email marketing solution which ideally complemented the existing 123-reg portfolio. The foundation of 123-reg Email Marketing is a deep level implementation of Sign-Up.to’s core technology. Additional layers of application integration and support services mean that 123-reg’s customers see Email Marketing as being fully consistent in positioning and functionality, and a natural extension of other already familiar 123-reg solution offerings.

Email editor

Email previewing

One of the advantages of a bespoke implementation is the ability to manage how the solution is delivered. In order to suit their range of customer needs and budgets 123-reg created three package levels – Start-up, Growing Business and Power User. Higher levels of solution unlock more advanced features with all of the user provisioning, licensing and billing being integrated directly into 123-reg’s commercial systems. Platform access is via a single sign-in and once inside the Email Marketing application, the 123-reg customer experience is maintained with a consistent look and feel to the interface and other points of user interaction.

Supporting infrastructure

Behind the scenes 123-reg’s customers gain full benefit from Sign-Up.to’s existing infrastructure, including established high quality sender relationships and other features designed to optimise their email delivery. It also ensures that they receive professional system maintenance and, through Sign-Up.to’s continual development program, regular updates with the latest email marketing innovations.

Maintaining direct customer contact through first-level support further strengthens 123-reg’s customer relationship and presents valuable upsell opportunities for related products and services. Again, behind the scenes, through the Premier Reseller partnership, Sign-Up.to provides all of the second level commercial, marketing and technical support needed to establish and maintain 123-reg’s front line customer services.


Conceived, developed and launched in just over 3 months, Email Marketing is a now a popular and profitable component in 123-reg’s solution portfolio.