5000 subscribers

Are you in the 5,000 club? The benefits…

5,000 email subscribers is something of a threshold. Of course you only need 1 email…

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Email marketing – do you survive or thrive?

What’s the difference between surviving as an email marketer and truly thriving? Here are 6…

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Email. Remail.

It’s sometimes called return emailing or remailing. It’s when you give your original campaign a…

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It’s Valentine’s day. Let’s get engaged!

She loves me. She loves me not… measuring opens and clicks is a good start…

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DKIM – email security, delivery and brand experience

SMTP, that’s the ‘Simple Mail Transfer Protocol’ that is used for email transmission, allows any…

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2017 Benchmark report

2017 email marketing benchmarks – the headlines

It’s that time of year again – we’ve just published our latest (2017) study on…

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2017 diary dates

Discovery mornings. Lunchtime webinars. Training Afternoons

Email Marketing Discovery Mornings Discovery Mornings are a guided tour through a range of best-practice topics…

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Sender ID, SPF and DKIM

As a legitimate email marketer, Sender ID, SPF and DKIM should be of interest to…

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Create a form with multiple list options

Did you know? You can create a subscription form with multiple attached lists. It’s perfect for…

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Nesting components

Handy design tip – nesting components

Nesting components is a great way to build more complex structure and styling into your…

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Audience insights overview

Beyond the click… Audience Insights

Tracking subscriber engagement with your campaigns is good – but what happens next? Chances are your…

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Friday lunchtime webinars are here

Join us every other Friday in 2017 for some bite-sized chunks of email marketing wisdom…

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Emails. Short or long?

Short! . . . . . I’ll be honest. I was tempted to end this…

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Double opt in

Double-opt in. Why, how and when?

An interesting question regarding opt-in came up at last week’s Discovery Morning – to double…

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Time to go

Opt-out is an important part of opt-in

Opting out is a legal requirement of any email marketing strategy, and although the eventuality…

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2017 Discovery Mornings and Training Afternoons

With over 1,000 registrations to date, Discovery Mornings have become a bit of a feature…

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How to achieve the best email delivery

If you’ve ever spoken to our Client Success team about email delivery, you’ll know there is…

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The Rundown Report: – Black Friday, Wi-Fi and Reply to All

There’s lots in the news that’s caught our eye this week. It’s not just Christmas….

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An introduction to SMS Marketing

Using SMS is a great way to stay in touch with your subscribers while they’re…

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Why CRM is more than a database

Spending the last few days looking at CRM systems has only served to galvanise my…

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