Why AI?

Gain real customer insight

Audience Intelligence (AI) is an extension to Sign-Up.to that enables you to automatically update customer profiles based on their behaviour.

Understand what customers are doing on your website, including:

• Products and services they are interested in
• How often they are visiting
• What they’re buying

Simple to install

Customised for you

Setting up AI starts by working with out solutions experts to understand your goals.

We then set up your Sign-Up.to account to capture the metrics that matter to you, and craft a custom javascript tag that you can install on your website with just a few short lines of code.

Example installation

Audience Insights uses a single-pixel image to initiate tracking. This image can be passed different parameters to trigger profile updates – fields can be set to specific values, incremented or decremented and more.

A typical installation utilises custom javascript and jQuery to automatically write the correct parameters based on the page URL and/or content that the reader is browsing. This is loaded in to your pages with a single tag, with the source code hosted on our server network.

Sample code

/* JS audience insights tagging
Requires jQuery */
( function($) {
function profileTag() {
// Settings - set the below to the parameters for your account
var baseURL = 'Your tracking URL';

// Setting - if you want to prefix the category field with
// a string (recommended) set it here
var prefix = 'mk_';

// Use the current page URL to identify the profile to update
var currentURL = document.URL;

// Split the URL up
var URLArray = currentURL.split('/', 5);
fieldTemp = URLArray[3];

// Split again in case we're at a .html doc
var URLArrayB = fieldTemp.split('.', 2);
field1 = URLArrayB[0];

// Construct variations of the tag
var theField = prefix + field1 + '=*ADD:1.00&mk_lastvisit=*NOW';

// Generate the tag
var theTag = '< img src="\"'" alt="\"" width="\"1\"" height="\"1\"" />';

// Write the tag to the page and we're done

$(document).ready(function() {

} ) ( jQuery );


Depending on implementation, your usage of AI may require updates to the privacy policy and/or terms of use that you present to your users.