About us

Why should you work with us?

You’ve read about our software platform and our range of professional services, but what about us as a company and as people?
Here are just some of the reasons why we think you should consider working with us.

Dedicated to email

We’re 100% dedicated to e-marketing. We believe that dedication brings focus. As our customer you’ll benefit from the undivided focus and attention to detail which results from having e-marketing solutions as our 100% core business. We love what we do and treasure the long-term relationships we build.

It's got to be permission

We are passionate about Permission – it’s the foundation of our company and our ongoing mission. It’s the law, it’s polite and appropriate, it protects your and our reputation as trusted marketers. Permission will significantly improve your campaign results.

Fully developed in-house

Our software platform is fully developed, maintained and supported in-house. It means that we can move quickly to incorporate customer requests, create individually customised solutions and efficiently manage our development and maintenance needs.

At the forefront of e-marketing

We’re proud to be at the forefront of e-marketing technology and innovation in software development. Sign-Up.to contains advanced features that you won’t find in other systems, as standard – features that will raise your marketing performance and differentiate you from your competitors.

Built on open architecture

Our platform is built around an open architecture and comes with a full API. This makes it easy to integrate your e-marketing activity to other data applications. It also provides the core to our internal development and is the reason why we have such and agile and responsive development environment.

A scalable solution

Our customers range from start-up entrepreneurs, through growing SME businesses, all the way to to international enterprises. Our solutions are designed to expand as your needs grow and our Professional Services are uniquely tailored to your own specific needs.

Established & proven

Now in our 14th year Sign-Up.to is an established and proven solution partner. We consider ourselves leaders, even pioneers in our field. Work with us with 100% confidence – you are in the hands of experts, and with thousands of customers across the globe, you are not the first and you are far from alone!

We're a viable solution partner

It’s important that we are commercially viable. We have the backing of a worldwide organisation – Sign-Up.to is part of GoDaddy (GoDaddy EMEA), the worlds largest domain name registrar. In short, we’re here to serve you as a long-term solution partner.

Software is just the start

It’s not just about software. We provide a full professional service, from every day support and guidance, to professional management and execution of your complete digital strategy. Understanding our customers’ needs drives our business and has made our company, what we are today.

Service is everything

Delivering excellent support is a fundamental philosophy and is deeply rooted in our company DNA. We’ve won awards for our service, but hearing positive feedback from our customers is the only incentive we need. If you’ve worked with other providers we’re confident you’ll like the difference.

The best delivery rates

Our ability to deliver email and SMS messages is everything to us. It’s complicated and there’s lots of things that can go wrong, so we take care of all the behind the scenes technologies and relationships for you. All you need to know is that we consistently have the highest delivery rates you’ll find, anywhere.

We try to do good

We love what we do and treasure the long-term relationships that we build with our customers. We’ll always try to do our best for our customers and partners. We’re proud to support our community and are active supporters of local and national charities.

We're friendly and human. Call us!