Getting started with SMS marketing

What you need to know for success with SMS

It’s easy to run your mobile marketing campaigns using Before you begin, make sure that you’ve opened your account (you can get a free trial here).

Follow the steps below to set up your campaigns. From the ‘key actions’ lists, we link to relevant tutorials for each step. If you need any assistance, get in touch – we’re here to help!

Getting ready

Key actions:

You can be running your first SMS campaign in just a few minutes. Using our shortcode (61211) and international number (+447624802887) to receive messages is included in with your account – all you need to do to get started is choose your SMS keyword.

In order to send SMS messages out you need some SMS credits. When you first register your account we’ll give you a few to let you test things out, after this you can purchase SMS credits from your account Dashboard.

Each SMS credit allows you to send one 160 character SMS message to a UK number. Receiving messages on our shortcode is free (your users pay standard network rates to text 61211).

Sending bulk SMS messages

Key actions:
  1. Upload your list of opt-in mobile numbers
  2. Create your SMS message and test it
  3. Select the recipients for your message
  4. Schedule your message for delivery
  5. Review your results

Our bulk SMS messaging tools make it simple to send out text messages to large groups of contacts. You can import lists of contacts into your account, create and test your SMS message, schedule your message for delivery at the right time and then review your delivery receipts using our analytics tools.

We only use the highest quality UK SMS gateways to make sure your messages are delivered quickly and reliably.

Sending individual SMS messages

Key actions:
  1. Type in your Quick SMS message
  2. Enter the recipient(s) mobile number(s)
  3. Send the message

Using our Quick SMS feature you can easily send out individual text messages, and even schedule them for future delivery. Simply access the Quick SMS section and type in your message.

Building a text-to-subscribe service and SMS auto-responders

Key actions
  1. Make sure your main SMS keyword is set
  2. Select a list to handle your incoming SMS messages
  3. Set up your response SMS message
  4. Select a list to handle email subscriptions
  5. Select your response email message

Using text-to-subscribe allows people to text in their email address to be automatically subscribed to your mailing list and receive automated responses by SMS and email. This is a great way to allow direct response to your adverts and promotions.

Setting up a text-to-subscribe service is simple, everything is handled from the SMS Manager tool which can be found under the ‘Collect’ menu of your account.

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