Email marketing benchmark reports

For the last five years we’ve been compiling annual reports to help you benchmark the performance of your email campaigns against your peers.

These benchmarks are unique as they focus on UK based small-medium sized businesses. There are lots of reports out there focused on large brands and US companies, but we found a real lack of UK specific data, so we thought we’d fix that.

Our email benchmarks are based on marketing emails sent by our UK clients – predominantly to UK based subscribers – and are broken down into different industry sectors, chosen by the clients themselves.

New! 2014 email benchmark out now

The 2014 email marketing benchmark report is compiled from data on over 1.5 billion emails and shows results broken down across 25 different sectors.

New editions are released in Q1 each year, based on data from the preceding 12 months.

You can access copies of all our benchmark reports, past and present, using the links on the left.

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