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Eggbox marketing creates and manages email newsletters for small businesses and has been involved in email marketing since 1999. Typically, small and micro-businesses just don’t have the time, budget or in-house expertise to run their own email newsletters. eggbox marketing manages the whole process from devising a strategy and advising on compliance to design, copywriting, sending, reporting and analysis.

eggbox marketing

In the early days they worked with several American email service providers, all of which provided a cheap and reliable broadcast service, but failed to offer technical support. Their services were also geared towards US rather than UK customers and the product was inherently rigid in nature.

“Since the passing of anti-spam legislation in 2003, it was obvious we needed an email service provider who understood the implications” explains eggbox marketing Director Robin Houghton.

However, it wasn’t easy finding a company offering excellent customer service and technical support to this sector. “After talking to all the big name agencies it became clear that they were only interested in dealing with large lists.” comments Robin. “Much of what they offered was both irrelevant to my clients and completely out of their budget range.”

When Robin came across, she found them very willing to work with small businesses and small lists. They were able to answer all their questions without fuss and without the kind of hard sell that is so often the case when dealing with new media agencies.

As a Partner, eggbox marketing can access all their clients from the one control panel, while still allowing clients to log on to their own accounts, making the system extremely convenient to manage. also offers a more cost effective pricing structure as they charge by size of database rather than per-email sent. This means that eggbox marketing receive just one bill per month across all their customer accounts and makes it cost effective to take on smaller clients, which they were previously unable to do.

It also allows eggbox marketing the flexibility to take on the occasional pro bono work, which is one way the company contributes to its local community.

Robin found’s system far superior to other ASP email providers she had previously used, both in terms of functionality and the range of help available. Says Robin “Features such as subscriber profiles, customised web forms, system emails and the filtering capabilities when sending have meant that clients are often amazed when I explain what can be done using the system. Setting up and managing numerous client accounts, with newsletters going out all the time, means we rely heavily on our technical partners. The support we have received from has always been excellent – phone and email queries are dealt with immediately, and requests for customisation or changes in features are invariably granted.”

Eggbox marketing has a diverse client range and all have benefited from their partnership with in different ways:

  1. Deliverability is constantly an issue in email marketing, with the sheer number of spam filters and firewalls to negotiate. enables clients to consistently see 98% of their emails delivered due to their good standing with UK ISPs.
  2. The ability to segment, refine and track with has allowed clients to create sub-lists of people with special interests and enables them to deliver highly targeted offers to them. One client was so pleased with the service, that they have referred 2 of their subsidiary companies to eggbox marketing for their newsletter management.
  3. One long standing client recently stated that the click through and order conversion rates of their newsletter using the system were at least five fold greater than that of any other form of advertising that they carry out.

“From eggbox marketing’ point of view, partnering with has allowed us to grow our business and make improvements to our services, safe in the knowledge that constantly deliver on the technology” concludes Robin.

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